Sunday, June 21, 2009


I bask in unadulterated happiness as the curve of a smile teases my cheeks. I cheat on happiness with joy because this fornication brings me peace.

Now I'm caught up, planted in, and willingly participating in this orgy of emotions. Ejaculating back to back delectation and trying to rediscover imperturbation. 

The pulsating beat in my chest accelerates as every thought of you grazes through my cerebellum. I feel this tenacious craving of immense need. Something unfamiliar...anomalous...obscure...and extraordinary. Leaving me in a benumb state.

My body speaks in a language I understand but my heart is speaking in a tongue to foreign for me to comprehend. And I'm stuck in a place I don't even want to run away from. 

Im being held prisoner of your smile. The sound of your voice bounds me to this flick. I switch positions with ease because you bring that flexibility out of me.

I'm doing splits on alleviation while strategically sucking the satisfaction out of comfort. And as comfort came on my face, I let the warm elation ooze all over me until reaching regalement.

And everyday that I talk to you, this cycle repeats itself, never missing a beat. Baby you make me....

Orgasmically Happy!!!

B. Coll 

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