Monday, June 1, 2009


I was watching this movie the other day, "He's Just Not That Into You". Am I the only one was was utterly disgusted at the opening of the movie? Well if you haven't seen the movie, it opens with children playing at a park. A little girl is building a sand castle and this little boy walks over and as she smiles, he pushes her very hard. The little girl asks, "What did you do that for?" and the little boys says, "because you smell like dog poo. You look like dog poo and you're made of dog poo." And she cries. 

Is this what disgusted me? NO!  It was when she went to the woman in charge with tears in her eyes and told her what the little boy said. This adult, this grown human being, this adult individual told the little girl,"He only hit you and said those mean things to you because he likes you. He doesn't know how to express himself." 


Is this really what we want to plant into the minds of out little girls Psyche's? I mean do we really want our daughters growing up thinking that a man doesn't love them unless he's saying mean things or abuses her? And then we wonder why so many women are emotionally displaced. We wonder why our young girls have this "I want a thug"  mentality. We wonder why some women feel the need to hold on to this abuse. We wonder how can they possibly love a man who degrades them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Its because somewhere along the lines someone told them "He's only hitting you because he loves you", or "He only talks like that to you because he don't now how to express himself." 

When are we going to stop making excuses for his irate behavior? When are we going to stop lying to our girlfriends about the possibilities that "he will call or "he does like you." We as women need to take responsibilities for our own actions. A man can only do to you what you allow him to do! Yes allow!

We must take responsibility for our self assurance and self worth. You do not need a man to complete you. You need a man that complements you. You must be a whole person before entering into a relationship, because if you're not and he leaves, it leaves you with nothing. No dignity, no self-respect, no you. Never give up you to be with anyone. And stop listening to the bull crap that your girls are constantly putting in your head. A real friend is going to be completely honest with you, even at times when you want it sugarcoated, she's going to give it to you raw and real (R&R). 

So find that friend whose gonna sit down with you while you explain your issues with men, and hope and pray that she wipes your tears, look you in your eyes, and in the kindest way she says,"He's just not into you."

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