Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bible Thumping Up the Wrong Tree

Don't be so religious that you forget to be Human...

I must say, the chain of events that transpired in the last couple of days were definitely beyond my expectation. However, the backlash and opinions of people I've said hello to, sat in a choir stand with, shared a laugh on social media, sent up a prayer for a time or two, were actually the most surprising comments of all. I say all that to say, never let anyone dismiss your feelings or emotions because they are ignorant to your truths.

I've had a ton of scriptures thrown at me from "bible thumpers." I was informed that my choice to speak freely on a situation that affected MY life wasn't what a "Christian" would do. I was told that as a recent recipient of my Masters degree, that "this is not the behavior of a recent graduate or a black woman." I was called "bitter", "ego bruised", "jealous", "mad because I aspired to be a first lady", and soooo much more. I was beyond tickled at these attacks or strong opinions because they weren't the correct description of my emotions or lack thereof.  I was even deleted from a Facebook group because the administrator mixed my words regarding a post, became upset because I expressed that a few things I shared in the "private" group have gone public on more than one occasion, and instead of seeking clarity, decided to remove me. That's fine too, seeing as though a group isn't my life. I have laughed at the responses simply because I don't practice organized religion and I don't classify as "Christian". Oh, for that, I was deemed Atheist. And that couldn't be farther from the truth.

That said, why is it that people will dismiss your feelings or attempt to make you feel bad for having a human emotion? Religious people tickle my soul with their madness. They become so religious that they forget to be human. If I felt any way in which was described, I have the right to experience and feel EVERY human emotion there is. People lost sight of the point or purpose of the previous blog, awareness, and made it about a title and the human emotion became invalid. Is it wrong for a person to feel hurt after being hurt? Is it wrong for a person to be upset or angry by something that upset them or made them angry? No. But it's only wrong to have these feelings when you are dealing with a person in a position of power so to speak. Oh, okay, right! (Inserts the strongest side eye here)

The most opinionated responses came from religious folk and the holier than thou Christians. What I really wanted to say to them or ask them was:

Have you had are do you currently have  pre-marital sex?
Sir, have you pumped a man in the butt or been pumped by another male in the butt?
Do you sell drug, do drugs, or drink alcoholic beverages to the point of inebriation?
You have a tattoo or piercing?
Girl did you cut your hair?

And if they couldn't answer no to one or ALL of these questions (which I already knew they could not) then why are they in my inbox judging  me based on a Bible that they themselves have fallen short of? I mean, I have nothing against any lifestyle people live or have chosen to live. But don't pick apart the bible to only fit a situation for your specified peace and throw it at me when you, yourself, have fallen quite short. I mean, the questions listed are against God based on that same bible you spewed scriptures from. Am I right or am I right?  But, I chose not to go that route, it was way to amusing to me and way to inspiring. Plus, I've yet to meet someone that follows the "Bible" word for word and I know that I never will.

You "Christians" have got to STOP picking and choosing when the good book applies to your life when EVERYDAY, you fall short. You aspire to be better but there is no perfect man or woman. You "Christians" have got to START being the example so that sinners like me can "see the light". (Hyperbole) I say that because the very book you used in defense of YOUR ugliness, in defense of your DISRESPECT, in the defense of your ACTIONS or OPINIONS, is the SAME book that says something like, "judge not lest ye be judged....and if you see your sister or brother falling by the wayside, encourage them, help them..." I mean it may not be verbatim but your bible says that too. Just something to think about before spewing your hate, disgust, opinion, or disdain against another person.

Something I've decided to do as we move into a new year and as I transition into a new season in my life, is stop holding back how I feel or how someone has affected my feelings. I'm a person that internalizes a great deal. I hold a lot of things in and keep moving forward. I've been called "strong" for that. But in turn, internalizing causes stress.  And every strong person has a weakness. I figured, why wait for a new year to practice this growth when I can start now. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone and I will no longer hold back to spare the outcome of me speaking my truths. Too many people rather be comforted with lies than to feel the sting of the truth.

I live in my truth. I stand by my words. And I will NEVER allow anyone to dismiss how I feel based on THEIR ignorance to MY truth, nor will I ever be ashamed of simply being a human being, that is flawed and that makes mistakes!

You're welcome,

That Brown Girl


  1. Having repented from being in an adulterous relationship myself I can say this one thing, be free! I can understand how hard it was to bring this part of your life to light and how free you must feel now that you are not underneath this.

    People aren't going to understand because they personify the same ones with stones in their hands ready to stone the woman. Many Christians consider themselves a hearer and a do-er of Gods word until the time comes for them to practice what has been preached to them.

    Even though us Christians do not always follow and do the right thing, even God called us sheep. Meaning we need tending to. With that in mind, don't give up your fight! Thank you for your testimony. It is by YOUR faith you have been set free and your burden in this matter has been lifted, God will settle the rest and deal with his people.

    Be blessed my sister.

  2. Anyone who is against you speaking up on your experience is an hypocrit.

    1. I pass no judgement on what others are ignorant to. It humors me that the opinions are strong, yet the experience is non existent. I live in MY truth.